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We guide families caring for loved ones with unique abilities and special needs, wherever they are on their journey.

From diagnosis to adulthood, our network can provide resources that enable families to spend more quality time with their loved ones. 

Enjoying the Woods

Starting Line

Receiving the news that your child or adult family member has a disability can be an overwhelming conversation.  Often parents and loved ones are left leaving meetings with more questions than answers.  The Georgia Special Needs Association (GASNA) was formed to support parents and families as they learn to navigate the world of services for children and adults with disabilities. 


Navigation and Clearing the Path

Parents of children with disabilities are tasked with being their child's greatest advocate. To successfully do this caregivers and parents must be knowledgeable of special education law, special education services while also understanding their rights as parents of a child with a disability.  GASNA is here to partner with you as you learn to navigate this path. 

Adults and elders with disabilities often don't have the same advocacy as a child. We are committed to ensuring resources are readily accessible and that you have access to individuals who can answer your questions while also helping remove barriers that may be present. 


While we believe school districts are committed to helping students, we also understand there are times all IEP team members might not agree on the "best path" for a student to achieve maximum success.   If you find yourself in this situation, know GASNA is here to stand alongside you.   We are committed to helping parents understand all possible options available to their child.  



No parent, caregiver, and loved ones need to work through these situations alone.  Please allow us to walk alongside you and support you through this journey.  

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